The Harrington Agency empowers nonprofits through rigorous analytics that guarantees a channel agnostic fundraising approach and guides extraordinary creative.  We lead each donor to his or her ultimate potential by instilling in him or her a sense of ownership in the organization’s mission.  We are committed to principles of transparency, honesty and collaboration and, together, we know we can change the world.

The Harrington Agency Story

The Harrington Agency was founded by Jessica Harrington who saw that the expanding methods that organizations use to communicate with supporters, along with the escalating expectations from their discriminating donors demand a more personalized, integrated and dynamic fundraising strategy.

Jessica and her "dream team" of fundraising experts hold the firm belief that in today's crowded nonprofit landscape, a nonprofit must:

  1. Be a philanthropic priority.

  2. Differentiate itself from its competitors.

  3. Fully understand the opportunities that lie within its internal and external audiences.

  4. Create ambitious benchmarks and consistently measure its program against those goals.

  5. Allow donor-focused data to drive how best to allocate its fundraising resources.

  6. Be channel agnostic.

  7. Be nimble to take advantage of unforeseen fundraising opportunities and emerging technologies.

With these seven objectives, The Harrington Agency produces creative and dynamic solutions to reach each organization's unique mission and fundraising goals.