Giving Tuesday Money Tree

Giving Tuesday Proper Noun \ˈgiv - ing\  \ˈtüz-(ˌ)dā, ˈtyüz-, -dē\ :The only day of the year when doing the exact same thing as every other nonprofit is actually a good thing!

We understand that not every organization has bought into the concept of Giving Tuesday – or may even be aware of this “philanthropic holiday”.  But this year is different.

Even if you have nothing prepared, The Harrington Agency has the experience and the resources to quickly create a customized Giving Tuesday campaign, ensuring your nonprofit isn’t left leaving easy money on the table.

Give us a call or send us an email now.  In 24-hours we can launch a small campaign that raises money, increases your brand awareness, and starts your year-end fundraising on the right track.

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