Click on Honest Abe to head to registration for the DMANF, but we couldn't help but grab your attention!

The Harrington Agency is proud to sponsor the free wifi at the conference.

Your wifi user name:  dcnp 2015 conference

Your wifi password: theharringtonagency

Our best tips for the DMANF:

Listen carefully to all the experts at the conference.  Ask questions, expect answers.  But keep in mind that until The Harrington Agency posted a DMANF-attracting Google ad on Feb. 6, 2015, none of the other agencies or experts had thought to do the same.  Will your "experts" miss something this basic when they advise you on your program?  Be aware that often, the best strategy to boost your program is not to imitate but to innovate.

When you have two sessions at the same time that you want to see, make note of the one you missed and check back to this site after the conference.  We'll be collecting and re-posting the presentations when available.

Remember that as important as the sessions and speakers are, you can get just as much value from meeting your peers, reconnecting with old friends, and sharing knowledge and information.  Friendly rivalries are useful - but remember:  We're all looking to make the world a better place, and that deserves respect.