Giving Tuesday...Perception or Reality?

Hi all!

It’s right after Thanksgiving, so I’m digesting all the turkey, stuffing and broccoli casserole from last night; but, I wanted to write a short post about Giving Tuesday because it’s just three days away!

I know we’ve all questioned this “fake” philanthropic holiday (kudos to Hallmark for inventing fake celebrations).  But, I have to admit – I was wrong.  It’s real and it’s snowballing.

Want to see how many organizations are jumping on the Giving Tuesday bandwagon?  Google Giving Tuesday and see the folks paying big bucks for top placements.  We did a quick search and organizations are willing to spend over $25 A CLICK to push folks to their donation page.

Of course, not all donation forms are created equal.  UNICEF has done a great job with their Giving Tuesday page.  Others didn’t put in as much effort (although they are spending almost the same amount per click) and still others are sending their clicks to a generic page (i.e., content that has nothing to do with Giving Tuesday).

I’m no fan of fake holidays. But, I am a fan of raising awareness for organizations and missions we all believe in.  So, I’m jumping on the Giving Tuesday bandwagon.  Want to take advantage of Giving Tuesday?  Email me ASAP – we may already be at the two minute warning – but we still have two minutes and The Harrington Agency saved all its time outs (our resources!) to make sure you can make the most of these last few hours!

And, now I’m going to run 5 miles to help balance out the second helping of broccoli casserole I ate last night!