Inspiring Loyalty? Creating communities? Rewarding stewardship? My father finally gets the recognition he deserves.

The other day my father called to tell me about “a very special letter” he received in the mail.

Apparently, my father shops so much at CVS, the CEO wrote to let him know that he was in the top 1% of all national CVS customers and thanked him for his loyalty to the store.  (How my father could spend so much at CVS—they were clear this distinction did not include prescriptions—is a post for another day, and on a different kind of blog.)

Now, my dad is no dummy. I’m sure he realized it was a form letter, but he noticed it, liked it and let his friends and family know about it. While I’m determined to count the hidden paper towel rolls he has in the basement, he was gratified that someone from CVS recognized his support —and took the time to thank him.

CVS also included a 20%-off coupon for his next purchase. While it was just a small token of thanks for his loyalty, my father appreciated it, and also provided encouragement to continue his exclusive relationship with the store.

CVS did a great job in their stewardship of a very dedicated customer.  They took the time to look at the buyer’s purchase history, sent a personalized letter that recognized his store loyalty, put him in a “club” of top customers, used a “special” signer and included small and appealing thank you gifts.

 And, do you know what my father did next?  He went to CVS to make another purchase. CVS is acknowledging a good customer and with that, my father will continue to shop at CVS (and use his coupons!).

 A lesson learned about cultivating loyalty.

PS:  I’m not kidding about going down to his basement.  If you want, email me and I’ll let you know what I find.