Say What?!?

Last night I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed, when I came across a post from someone who was “shocked that charities are still buying lists of ‘potential donors’ and soliciting them via direct mail”. I was a little dismayed that the original poster, who believed “someone sold [his] wife’s info”, is connected to the nonprofit community. But I was utterly stunned when his initial post and follow-up comments were supported by fundraisers. How do I know they were fundraisers? Because they touted their CFRE accreditation in their name.

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Regaining Trust from Our Constituents and Supporters

Last year, alarm bells rang when Edelman reported that trust among the four main U.S. institutions—Government, NGOs, Businesses and the Media—were at an all-time low.

Now, in 2019, trust has risen — but only marginally — and only for the most informed public: they tend to be younger (between 25-64), college-educated, high-earners and consume significant amount of news media, in addition to being involved in public policy.

Sound like our donors? Yes—except they are younger than we would normally expect. And it’s only a slice of the U.S. population.

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Looking past the ABCs of Email Deliverability

In my last blog on email deliverability, I outlined a few simple ways to start cleaning up your email program to improve inbox placement. This blog is for those of you who want to delve a bit deeper into the subject – or have tried all those tactics and still don’t see any improvement.

Email Deliverability 201 (I should really rename this the syllabus for Email Deliverability 201. I’m going to highlight some major factors in deliverability that reside behind the kitchen doors. But just like a restaurant, all you’re really seeing is the amuse bouche.)

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Exciting Announcement! New Hire: Pia Payne, Director of Content Strategy

Pia Payne

THA is thrilled to announce the addition of Pia Payne as Director of Content Strategy. This position was created to oversee and manage all written content and support the agency's overall growth. 

Jessica Harrington, President and founder, said, “As everyone knows, this is a niche industry and it can be difficult finding talented senior staff. But we are growing rapidly and had an immediate need for a strong writer that can also manage and guide other writers. Pia fits that role perfectly and her background is so diverse, yet grounded in multi-channel fundraising, that it really was a natural fit for us, supporting the kind of wide-ranging expertise we offer our clients. Her addition also helps free up some resources, so we can all focus more comfortably on what we each do best for our clients. Everyone is excited. There’s definitely new energy in the office!”

Pia will be managing all aspects of copy and content; working with the clients, writers, and account managers, as well as content for THA. She’ll also be working closely with the Creative Director, Cheryl Keedy, and Account Teams, providing input on topics, themes, and strategies.

Pia’s 19 years in the fundraising industry include production, list, and data analysis, as well as many years of creative and copy strategy with both small and large, complex programs, such as The Humane Society, Defenders of Wildlife, and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She also rebranded NonProfit PRO magazine; creating its new voice, leading the content, and turned it into an award-winning publication.

“I feel so grateful for this opportunity with The Harrington Agency,” Pia said. “I get to spend every day working at something I love doing, with terrific people, for causes I’m deeply committed to. This is how work should be.”

Pia graduated with honors from UMCP with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Education and Human Development.  She currently resides in Maryland with her movie-monster-loving 10-year-old son.

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